Saturday, 28 February 2009

"It must be spring.....

...all the bikers have turned up". So said the waitress at Braemars'finest cafe lunchtime today. And she was right on both accounts... there were about 15 bikes AND it was sunny and warm (well, 11 degC is judged warm here) I even unplugged the heated vest!!

I also got to check the other bikers riding apparel, and found (ref my previous blog about helmets)that it's true, the more mature riders to tend towards black or plain helmets. One gentleman did have a shocking pink Mohawk attached to his (black) lid, which livened it up considerably.

So, I'm going to continue to look for chrome tape, and ride as much as possible before summers' tourists clog up all the lovely roads pottering along admiring the scenery.


  1. Never mind the pink mohawk, whose is the pink motorcycle?

  2. HWL, that belonged to a young lady who arrived in a small group who'd just ridden over the (snow-covered) Lecht - by their language I would say they were not too impressed!