Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New tyres for the BMW...and maybe a hearing aid.

I've been sitting looking out of the window waiting for the snow to stop. Now it finally has and I can get the bike out of the garage, I was thinking of getting some different tyres for the R1200GS. Its fitted with Metzler Tourance, they're knobbly and look like they'd be OK offroad. I want to change them for a pure road tyre 'cos I know I'm never going offroad on it - if I dropped it I'd never pick it up, it's all I can do to push it backwards across the gravel drive. And my riding needs all the help it can get. So if anyone has any recommendations I'd be pleased to hear them. Thankyou.

Oh and I must remember to wear the ear-plugs when I'm out riding; I have noticed my hearing getting worse, although to be honest lots of other body parts are wearing out too so maybe it's just my age, anyway, I was listening to the radio while getting ready for work this morning when they announced the tragic death of a young television presenter who presented a programme called "Die or don't die". Now I don't watch much TV, my viewing being limited to re-runs of American Chopper, American Hotrod, Biker buildoff...you get the idea, so I did wonder what kind of programme that would be with such a title as "Die or don't die". So when I got to work I asked the other boring bastards - you know, "what type of programme was that, the one called "Die or don't die?" which by the way sounds like it could be pretty exciting, I must admit I spent the drive to work imagining all the different scenarios you could explore with a programme like that.

Turns out the programme was called "Buy or don't buy"; it's about buying a house and evidently I'm both deaf and stupid. According to my co-workers. And my ex-wives.


  1. Pardon???

    Nothing wrong with Tourances for the road but you could try Bridgestone BT020/021.

    Search on ukgser forum!

  2. Thanks for that Nikos - they look to be the tyres of choice so I've ordered a pair. El D

  3. I like your idea better...maybe you should pitch it to Simon Cowell.