Monday, 21 March 2011

Back on two wheels....almost

The sun has been shining in London for the past few days, and it's lead me to reflect on ladies fashions - who ever thought that wearing a pair of levis two sizes too small so that your bum crack was on show and bits of wobbly white flesh got pushed over the waistband could look attractive? And when a young lady so dressed bends God it could make even strong men faint!

On a different subject, here's a couple of blurry photos of my latest bike, Helga (so named by her previous owner), a 1984 BMW K100 in nice condition. I've just got the tax and insurance to sort out, then I should be back on the road and able to contribute a bit more frequently to this blog.


  1. What, no pictures of the girls? I understand, I'm sure they turned out blurry too.
    Helga however is one sweet ride and in great shape for a 27 year old bike. Congratulations!

  2. El D:

    were those blurry photos taken with your NEW to you camera ? Nice K100, appears to be in good shape as evidenced by the 6 foot rule.

    Such a build up of Levis too tight and small which conjur delightful images in my mind, if only you had snapped a few . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Troubador, after the comments I got last time photos of female anatomy appeared here I thought better of it. Glad you like the bike - I thought I'd try an older model for a change to go with my advancing years.

    Bobskoot - haven't got the new camera yet, hopefully I'll get one in the next couple of weeks to tie-in with the new adventures I'm sure I'll be having with Helga.

  4. Welcome to the world of the flying brick!

  5. Great bike you picked up there.

    And as for the tight levis, over here we'd call that belly flab overage a "muffin top". I think the fashion trend used to be to have the jeans low enough you could tell a lady was wearing thong/g-string panties because they came up higher than her levis waistband.

    Sure glad I have no fashion sense and don't follow the trends.

    Can't wait to see pictures of you and Helga out and about.


  6. Nikos, you did say...brick?

    Trobairitz - thanks for the fashion info - I'm waiting to see more pictures of you on the new suzuki - you look like you're enjoying it!

  7. I was referring to the machine....

  8. El D, it is about now that those well-loved summer visitors, the English White Legs, return - their winter coat lost and their new plumage not yet in place. They will be followed shortly by those members of the Bear family, the Mid Riffs. And if you are really lucky, there will be some Tits on display.

  9. Hallo Mr Diente,

    That last comment, by that Affer person, is deliberately offensive and smutty. Judging by the normal high standard of your posts, that sort of thing is beneath you, and I think you should delete it.

  10. @Ms.Camilla
    I have a book somewhere about how to attract Tits - it was probably a RNLI or RSPB publication - not in the least offensive or smutty unfortunately.

  11. Affer...thankyou!

    Ms Jessop - I'm afraid it might be a bit late now, besides, I thought it was a great answer.

    N - I think it probably said something about letting them peck your nuts...whoops, sorry!

  12. Sarah Millican does a great routine about her muffin top - "I call it my cake shelf." Here's a link, but Ms Jessop should be warned that there's a F-word in it...