Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Another day off work...don't tell

Somewhere in a corporate office, an accountant decides that the 750 million US dollars budgeted for a new oil production platform in the North Sea won't give a good-enough return to the company shareholders for the next couple of years, so he cancels the job. Result, fifty guys in the design office where I'm working got instant dismissal last Friday. I got two weeks notice 'cos I have to write a close-out report.

I woke up Monday morning and thought "fuck it, the sun's shining, I'm not going in to work today - what're they going to do, sack me?". So I had a stroll around my neighbourhood, took a couple of photos, visited a couple of cafes and just chilled out. I wandered 'round the back entrance of the church, hadn't noticed these old weatherbeaten carvings before.

Back Entrance Local Church

 Walked over to the park and noticed the leaves were changing colour, autumn must be on it's way.

                                               The deer were getting frisky, too.

Took a photo of this weird-looking fungus in front of an ancient shattered oak tree (oh yeah, blogger now won't let me import photos rotated so you'll have to crick your neck to see this one properly. It's also banished my list of followers, and lost my profile. Could be worse...)

Down by the river in the afternoon, a small boat cruising up towards Richmond town;

I walked back up over the hill towards home and took this photo of the London skyline; thats St Pauls Cathedral to the left; London Eye in the centre and that 'wonderful' new office building in Canary wharf "the Gherkin" to the right of centre - St Pauls is 10 miles away as the crow flies.

Went back to the half-empty office today; glad I took that day off!


  1. sorry to hear about the work situation :( Lovely photos though - the year is definitely turning.

  2. HWL that's the price we pay for working freelance, I guess.

  3. Bummer about getting the pink slip. I am glad you took the day off to relax and wander.

    Great pictures. I especially liked the one of the leaves. The leaves are just now thinking about turning here, but the weather has really cooled off the last few days so it won't be long.

  4. There are so many interesting things to see in back entrances, but quite unusual to see two faces peering back at you!

    The deer look magnificent - such big horns - are they in Richmond Park?

  5. Oh Ms Jessop,I did expect a more risque comment from you! The deer are in Richmond park, that's where I am often found wandering around.

    Trobairitz - I'm looking forward to seeing photos from your autumn, the colours are supposed to be amazing.

  6. I lived in St Margaret's for a while: the walk along by the river, Richmond Park, open air theatre in Marble Hill Park....the little Italian bistro on the towpath, a Dutch girl called Weis....your photos brought back some great memories!

  7. yes, it's annoying how blogger rotates some photos, I had the same problem with railway lines in Kharkhiv.

  8. Affer, you don't still have her phone number, do you? :)

    Nikos, actually, I thought the railway lines looked good sideways. No doubt there'll be a solution soon.