Saturday, 7 July 2012

Triumphs down the pub

On Thursday evening the rain held off long enough for me to take a ride down into the Surrey countryside. I'd seen that the Surrey branch of the Triumph Motorcycle Owners club was having a bike show and barbecue in a pub in the village of Ripley, so I set off down the A3 after work and had a pleasant ride down. I was early, so took the chance to ride around some leafy lanes for a while, enjoying the relatively traffic-free roads, a relief after my commute into central London.

nice line-up of bonnies

nice BSA

Interesting watching this one come in - not too much steering lock


This lovely old relic was definitely a 'boneshaker'

Very nice condition - Rudge
Couldn't resist the contrast - biggest and smallest engines of the night.
I pitched-up at the Saddlers Arms, still too early as I was the first one there. I parked up and got a large orange juice and a seat on a bench with a good view of the car park. Soon enough, the bikes started rolling in. A good number of Triumphs Old and New, plus a couple of interesting interlopers. Unfortunately my on-going vision issues meant I couldn't stay too late - had to get home before dark! Still, there was a good number of bikes there when I left, and I saw quite a number more on their way in as I was leaving. A most enjoyable little break to the routine.


  1. Really cool machines.

    I like the last pic with the biggest and smallest engines.

    I like you prefer to be home by dark. My night vision is crap.

  2. I think the BSA is an attempt at a Rocket Gold Star replica: right exhaust, wrong tank! It's just like the one I rode for two days at last year's Breckland Rally. My kick-starting leg has nearly recovered.....never again!
    But I would kill to have the olive-green Triumph Trophy - what a beauty!

    (Oh, and I hope the eye-trouble is under control.....)