Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A treat on a bad day

I had to go to Manchester today so a man could put his hand up my bottom and fiddle about** (I know some of you will be wondering why I travelled so far when I could have got the same thing done free at my local public conveniences...) which meant a round trip of 400 miles in one day, so I went in my car. Fortunately, the route went through Birmingham, so I treated myself with a visit to the National Motorbike Museum, which I'd intended visiting last Saturday but didn't make.

Well, it was Fantastic! A large modern building, it had five, well-light halls crammed with British motorbikes. Names I hadn't heard of; every British manufacturer from Abingdon and AJS through to Williamson and Wooler (I particularly liked the Wooler Flying Banana); fantastic bikes of all description from early bicycles with engines right up through 30's to 60's plus some modern machines; prototypes; oddities; racing - bikes of every description. It truly is bikers heaven. I thoroughly recommend you to take a trip there wherever you live - it really is that good. I took loads of photos, here's a small selection.

Norton 900 Commando - I want one!

Beautiful Brake

Brough Jewellery

Impressive Broughs

Shapely BSA

Who're you looking at?

Forerunner to Triumphs Rocket3? 1912 Wilkinson 850cc 4-cyl shaft drive with comfy seat

Copperknob - Brooklands racer

The Wooler Flying Banana


Beautiful Brough Luggage

Now, that's a Megaphone

Love the names!

OK Supreme

Implies engineering excellence

Not sure why its called a Multi when there's only one cylinder..

Watch out!

My Favourite 

Pretty Triumph prototype

Twin rear wheels - Austin car-engined Brough
**Christies cancer hospital - my prostate cancer has reappeared after apparently going away for seven years - bummer! (unfortunate choice of expletive there).


  1. That museum looks so awesome. Great pictures of the bikes. It so makes me want to cross the pond.

    that is a bummer about the cancer. No fair lulling you into a sense of remission just to have it pop back up. Hope it isn't too bad of news and the docs can fix you right up.

    1. Trobairitz - you and Troubadour should include it in your trip; you know, when you come to visit Scotland and show off the kilt.

      Thanks for the good words - I've beaten cancer a couple of times already so I'm not going to give up now..there's always new treatments to try.

  2. El D:

    so sorry about the cancer too. Hope the Doctor caught it in time again. The good thing is they found it

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    1. Thanks Bob, no worries - I guess these things come with age. You have to know you have a problem to solve it, so I'm hopeful as always.