Monday, 17 March 2014

Summer comes early to London

I had to return to London this weekend; I was amazed to find summer had arrived early! Blue skies, sunshine and temperatures of 20C (68F) it was warmer than Barcelona. Pulled the Trumpet out of the garage and she started no problems, rode out to the Surrey lanes around Box hill and Leith hill – pure heaven on wheels! I also popped round to the kid’s place to see my grandson, looks like another biker in the making.


  1. EL D:

    I don't believe it ? TWENTY =20°C ? how can it be ? You're going to use up all your heat before Summer

    but glad to see you are out riding

    A weekend photographer
    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob, it's mad - the middle of March and everyone wearing tee-shirts; I'm sure it won't last.
      It was great to be out on the bike, I'd forgotten what a lovely sound she makes, and the re-worked engine is loosening up nicely - I found myself tearing around like a teenager!

  2. Cute picture.

    So glad the weather is cooperating - maybe you brought the sun back to London with you.

  3. Happy days!

    I spent many hours at Rykas waiting for my son to finish his GCSEs down the road....

  4. It's the weather wonderful? 23.5C in the Black Forest today. It would have been a great day if it wasn't for the work.

  5. Just terribly jealous here! Love the grandson's pic!