Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Kid has finally finished his Tuono cafe racer

A couple of  years ago my son told me he was going to turn his Aprilia Tuono into a cafe racer. My first reaction was 'why?', followed by 'why?'. Anyway, he had a design commissioned by a custom bike shop but decided it would cost too much money, so proceeded to strip it down in his garage to do it himself. 
Remember this photo from a couple of years ago?
 Surprisingly he managed to source a number of parts including a nice nosecone, had a guy fabricate a seat unit for him, started to put it together then decided to get a bike shop finish it off for him. It just got finished this week, so he sent over this photo. Looks nice, don't you think? I can't wait to see it in the flesh, maybe have a little race...............

Evidently that exhaust is 'fairly loud'


  1. Great job and congrats to your son for getting the job done himself.

  2. What a great handiwork! Your son is indeed a talented chap.

  3. I've got an Aprilia Shiver and have been looking to make a similar conversion to it but have been unable to find a suitable fairing like your son did, any idea where he managed to find it?

    1. August, he got it from some guy in France. I'll find out the address for you. If you email me at I'll reply. Cheers, El D