Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A Funny thing, freedom .....

Hmm, so I'm sitting in yet another airport hotel, early flight tomorrow, and I started reflecting about the freedom to do whatever you want seems as if it would be just perfect to live like that. However, I'm in that place, and I have to admit to feeling a bit jaded by it all.

Its been nearly two years since I stopped working; last year was crap but this year I've been travelling constantly, apart from a few weeks spent with my old Mum, who has now, sadly, passed away. With Mums' passing I no longer need to be in Europe (I always felt guilty about leaving her alone for too long) so I'm flying off to South America for a couple of months, hope to see some sights and meet nice people. I've also been trying to plan a long bike ride early next year .... but I have to admit I'm actually getting a bit bored booking flights, hotels, packing & unpacking every week...

I was also reflecting on Sonja's recent post about home and where it is, and I realised its been a long long time since I called anywhere home.

Damn, must be getting old!


  1. Not old, just nostalgic maybe.

    I can see how traveling might get old after a while. It is good to have freedom, but routine can be nice too.

    I'll be looking forward to some nice picture from South America.

    1. T, maybe you're right, I've been a bit down, had 3 funerals of close family members in the last month. It's the first time I haven't been excited getting to the airport! Still, feeling better now apart from jet lag, having breakfast in cafe in Bogota Colombia, planning the next week's sightseeing.

  2. I have yet to experience the feeling of getting bored with the "chores" that come with traveling.
    You certainly do the right thing, visiting South America for a bit. Enjoy your stay, John, and by all means send a post card (a virtual one will do) every once in a while.

    1. Sonja, will do - not sure if motorbikes will figure in the trip yet, first morning it all looks a bit mad!