Sunday, 19 February 2017

The London Bike Show

 It's mid-Feb so time for me and the Kid to make the trek to the Excel centre in East London to look at all the new bikes. Lucky for me the Kid was with me; I nearly bought a bike, helmet, boots, jacket - well I'm determined to get back on two wheels this spring - but as he reminded me I've already got everything except the bike, and e-bay is sitting there just waiting for me to make a late-night bid :)

This year's show seemed better than ever, all the major manufacturers were there with large displays, plus some new small ones, custom corner, classic bikes, even a couple of auction houses with a large selection of 'interesting' bikes. Plus of course plenty of clothing and accessory stands. A nice day out. Here's some photos.

Nice pair of Nortons

Custom scrambler based on new SC950 - you'd need to have a really long right leg to ride it though!

Belonged to some racer - Rossi

Suzuki had a selection of Barry Sheene's machines on show

We wondered how you get this thing to go round corners

The Kid tries the new Thruxton R for size

Just to prove Triumph don't always get it right! A bobber with ape-hangers.

El D tries scrambler - felt like I was on a moped

Ducati just looked EVIL

Started making these again

I didn't know they'd started making these again

Nice custom

Hand-built instrument

Not sure if exhaust will melt rear light - looks cool though

This machine was based on a triumph and had incredible details - see also 2 pics above

Beautifully detailed - looked a bit weird though

Not sure if this Custom entry was built by Disney

Wonderful hand crafted Ally body panels


  1. The Ducati Scrambler was certainly not made with your hight and build in mind. It was probably designed for short legged Italian men and... I'd fancy one of these, too.

  2. Sonja, the Ducati has just the right amount of flair & style to suit you perfectly!
    They actually look like a nice little bike, and not too expensive......

  3. Jealous! We don't have any bike shows near us anymore.

    The Ducati Scrambler would be fun, but you'd need some mods for your height.

  4. Now I've moved to east London, its very easy to get to the Excel centre - I'm off to a classic car show tomorrow.
    The scrambler is a nice looking bike. To be honest, I sat on nearly every bike at the show, but as usual discovered that its only the big adventure bikes that are suitable for someone of my normal stature (!).