Saturday, 5 August 2017

Infinitely adjustable means infinite wrong positions ;)

Well this started off as a fairly boring post ("Hahaha - They're all boring you silly old git") discussing the problems I'm having getting my handlebar adjustment correct, but then as I went out for a ride to check the latest minute incremental adjustment I'd made, I came across a small car & bike show in a field in Billericay. Hoping against hope that I might bump into Tricky Dickie and his Cortina ## I braved the wet grass of the car park and had a quick look round.

Higher, comfy seat (with black cat)

Front tyre not knobbly

Rear tyre not knobbly

Infinitely adjustable bars......
Unfortunately it seemed as if a lot of people had left due to the thunderstorm I'd just ridden through (!), but there were still a few little gems scattered around.
Plastic 3-wheelers

And his stereo goes up to 11

Monster truck rides

Not sure about this?
 Got chatting to a custom bike fabricator, really impressed with his work, all his bikes looked as if you could actually ride them.
Nice little custom Harley

Custom originally an Aprilia RSV - nice fabricated forks

Bandit 600 with a twist

After an hour or so I'd seen everything twice, and could see another storm heading my way so I once again braved the wet grass ( well I have just changed the tyres from knobblies to street ) and set off home through the country lanes. A pleasant and unexpected little ride-out.

## Ian Dury & the blockheads 'new boots & panties' album track 5


  1. Touratech? Couldn't you find anything more expensive? I've heard they are good though.

    By the way, I've found your previous comments on my blog, and meanwhile have released them... in case you want to give it another try.

  2. Sonja, this is the 2nd Touratech seat I've had and they are well-made and mega-comfortable.
    By the way, your last blog with photos of Matterhorn was outstanding - best photos yet!!!! That trip looks like one you'll remember a long time.

  3. Ahh the joys of adjustability. Hopefully you find just the right setting.

    At least you were out riding, that is a good thing. Our weather was in the triple digits last week (106F, 41C) so no riding here.

  4. Trobairitz, honestly, I wish I'd just fitted the usual riser block, but ah well, my fault for choosing the all-singing all-dancing one.
    Sorry to hear your weather has stopped you from riding - I don't think we've ever had temperatures that high here in UK. Normal summer here, cloudy & cold with rain, occasional sunny day with highs of 22c.