Monday, 12 January 2009

A bike is better than a meeting

I was watching a police chase programme on the box last week that focused on bad bikers. They had a policeman with a new Hayabusa all kitted up with a camera and playback screen; he chased some nutter doing 120 mph down a country lane, and my thoughts were "what an idiot, it's bikers like him that give us all a bad name".

Took the bike to work today; the sun was shining at lunchtime so I thought I'd go out for a little ride around the lanes. No traffic to speak of - you guessed, I got to a nice long straight, glanced down and realised I too could be that idiot!

The programme made a big deal about irresponsible riders (and drivers, to be fair they did target bad car drivers as well) but I must admit I didn't really feel irresponsible; I was just enjoying myself. Got back to work, boring meeting, blah blah blah...couldn't wait for home time to get back on the bike. So that must be it, it's this boring drudgery of a life that makes us speed. And meetings.

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