Sunday, 11 January 2009

First post

Well, first post on this blogsite, and first post anywhere this year; celebrated by the first ride out on the bike this year. I spent all December moping around in London as I'd lost my job in Aberdeen - it wasn't the place I was missing so much as my bike, it being locked up safely in a pal's garage. The quandry was how to get the bike back home (relatively easy) and explain to Mrs El D (not so easy) how I'd bought a new bike just as I lost my job.

Luckily a solution presented itself; I got offered another job in Aberdeen to start 5th Jan. So, waving Mrs El D a sad farewell I drove the car back to freezing Scotland and started the new job Monday. Here we are on Sunday and the temperature has risen to an unbelievable 12 deg, so I just had to go out for a blast. It did get a bit windy, but the sun came out for a second or two, and I managed to blast away a month's worth of cobwebs. Nothing finer!

The plan is to use the bike every day for work as the new office is located outside of town, about 7 miles down some nice windey lanes - I've just got one more minor Op. on my hand to get out of the way next week, and it should be all systems go!

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