Monday, 1 February 2010

Not that long ago really......

So now its official, this December and January were the coldest on record for Scotland since records began in 1914.

A couple of things struck me when I heard that on the news today; firstly, when they said "since records began" I expected the date to be a lot longer ago than 1914, considering Rabbie Burns banged on in great detail about his life and loves and spiders and haggis 200 years ago you would have thought he'd have mentioned the weather. In fact, we apparently know all the details of William Wallace's great battle of May 1297 including the names of the people who died, but no mention of whether it was sunny or wet that day. Strange. Although to be honest, as its always cold here in Scotland, and either raining or about to rain, I suppose no-one thought it that important to record the fact. Still, to put a personal perspective on it, my Nan would have been 20 before they starting recording the weather, which seems strange as she banged on about it all the time!

The other thing is - will all those people who've been talking about Global warming shut up and let us carry on riding bikes and driving cars without making us feel like we're destroying the planet? Probably not.

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