Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oh no, it's finally happened.......

So my Dad has fallen asleep Sunday afternoon beside the fire with the newspaper "news of the world" draped over his face, soothed no doubt by the gentle sounds of the Cliff Adams singers broadcasting on the light programme from our new radiogramme with their popular "sing something simple" musical harmonies. I turn down the volume and surreptitiously re-tune the radio to the new pirate station Radio 390 - DJ Mike Raven has an R&B programme called "Raven Around" where he plays all sorts of strange music by people with names like Big Bill Broonzy and Bessie Smith. Enthralled, I gradually turn the volume up until Dad is woken up with a start and shouts "get that rubbish off". He slowly gets up and walks over to the radio gramme and puts on his favourite LP by his fellow Dundonian, Jimmy Shand - Track 1 side 2 is his favourite "Bonnie Dundee". As the dreaded sounds of the accordion-playing Scottish nutter blast out, I run upstairs to my bedroom and try to tune my new transistor radio into Radio Luxembourg, but its after 7pm so the reception has gone and all I get is occasional bits of music and loads of static. I wonder why anyone would listen to Scottish country music when there's a whole new world of music out there, surely this year, 1961, must be the best ever for music.

Fast forward to 2010; bored with listening to the radio I scroll through the music selection on my ipod, everything from Abba to Zeavon. Still bored, I turn on the CD player and dig through the piles of CD's heaped all over the floor. Finally, I sit back on the sofa and listen to the soothing sounds of "Scottish Country music" - "the Ruby" being a particular favourite. AAAARRRRGGGHHHH! I'VE TURNED INTO MY DAD!

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