Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A mechanical genius I am not

I bought a top box for the bike off e-bay, a proper BMW Vario branded one that I thought might improve the slightly agricultural appearance of the bike while giving me somewhere to store the helmet. As always with my purchases, things didn't go quite as planned. While attempting to fit the bracket that attaches to the rear of the bike I realised it wouldn't fit as there was a pannier bracket occupying the same space. Said bracket duly removed it then became obvious this new bracket wouldn't fit my bike. After a bit of head-scratching I came up with the solution...get Derek to fit it!

So with a bit of inventive bungee attaching, me the bike and the top box set off round to Derek's garage only to be met with a scene of utter carnage. His latest toy, the e-bay bargain track-day bike was in pieces all over the floor; as I arrived he was stripping down the gearbox, covered in oil and cackling with glee (Derek not the gearbox). As you can imagine, my seemingly insurmountable problem with the bracket was totally ignored as he ripped more and more bits off the bike.

I slunk away home, phoned the BMW dealer the next day who explained the subltelties of pannier brackets and extended bolts and bushes. So the top box is still sitting in the garage and I'm using a backpack to carry my clothes to work. One step forward.........

Oh and just to add - his running bike cost just over twice the price of my box. Hmmmmm.


  1. I feel for you. I know how it is to purchase something then can't utilize it because it doesn't work, or doesn't fit, or parts are missing. I love my top box 'cause it's a place to keep my helmet and gloves secure

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. I rode to Brighton to get the Metal Mule guys to fit mine - I decided that I could figure it out but it would take me all weekend, so let the people who fit several sets every day do it in about 30 minutes and use the rest of the time for riding.