Saturday, 15 May 2010

not another impulse buy......?

....'fraid so. Collected it this morning from my friendly motorcycle shop; they took the BMW in part-exchange, and everyone there told me I must be crazy. I decided to ride for a bit to get some miles on her (ooh, slip of the tongue there - must be careful, I'll be naming, so I did  my usual circuit along Royal Deeside to Ballater, up over the Grampian mountains to Grantown-on-spey, on up to the North-east coast with a stop for coffee and cake at Findhorn, back via Dufftown and Tarland. 250 miles seemed enough to scrub in the tyres and run her in a bit. It was also enough time for me to reflect on my biking. Is it the bike that's important, or is it the journey?

Well this bike is certainly more uncomfortable than the BMW; I've got aching wrists and knees and 'man's parts', but I've also got a grin a mile wide I can't wipe off my face.For me, there's something about smooth, instant power as soon as I twist the throttle that makes up for all the disadvantages - call me immature if you wish, but it's the buzz that makes me happy. Oh don't get the idea this is some kind of superbike and I like to emulate a racer - at my age and with my failing eyesight a moped would probably be fast enough - but I  manage to go fast enough to scare myself!


  1. It looks very nice but what exactly is it??

  2. Thankyou HWL.

    Beezer (new name) is a Suzuki GSX1250FA - basically it's the 1250 Bandit with a full fairing styled on the GSXR. A new noisy can is on it's way, as is a hugger.

    El D

  3. Ah ha - this is the sports tourer that Kevin Ash likes!

  4. El D:

    Nice bike, and welcome to the Suzuki club. Perhaps another seat would be more comfortable for you.

    Wet Coast Scootin