Friday, 8 October 2010

On the road again.....

Aparently, the whole of Britain is basking in an Indian summer this weekend, apart from the NE of Scotland which is buried under a layer of cold damp fog. I'm too busy packing my belongings into my car and getting ready to leave to mind about it. I've booked a transport company to collect the bike and take it down to London while I drive the car with all my wordly goods in it. I resigned from my job without another one to go to, or anywhere to live - El D you must be crazy I hear you say - well I love Scotland and the beautiful biking roads up here but I got bored just working and living alone. El D junior has kindly offered his spare bedroom for a short time while I decide on the next move, and I remember there are some nice winding lanes in Surrey suitable for biking we go again.


  1. The other way round for me when I moved: got someone to move the goods, and rode my bike down to Norfolk! Good luck...and Surrey is at least warmer!