Monday, 13 June 2011


LF persuaded me to accompany her to Bulgaria to visit Perperikon, the "Macchu Pichu" Europe, allegedly. We saw trams and big buildings in Sofia; a big pile of rocks...sorry, an important Megalithic monument in Perperikon; some decidedly run-down houses in rural areas; and generally had an interesting 8 days driving around. Here's some snaps.

Oh, best sight in Sofia - leather-clad biker on Repsol-liveried Fireblade, no crash helmet, talking on mobile phone while one-handed weaving between traffic AND negotiating tramlines...respect!


  1. How splendidly super - trams!

  2. Great photographs.

    Sounds like you had fun and it looks like you enjoyed some sunshine too.

  3. The car: a Chaika? Obviously some important dignitary's!

    The motorcycle: a Simson. Obviously some poor Big Girls teacher's!!!

  4. Nikos - the tram photos were just for you as I'm aware of your wierd obsession.

    Trobairitz - thanks for dropping by - sorry to see you're suffering from the rain when here in the UK we're in the middle of a drought (allegedly)

    Affer - where's your blog gone?

  5. It's here!