Wednesday, 31 August 2011

More photos from Sammy's

                                                           Ignore the dope in the mirror


  1. Which dope - I can count three!

  2. N - I was referring to myself - the dope with the camera. I would not be so presumptious as to refer to unknown passers-by as dopes.

  3. Thanks for these! I'm now kicking myself that I haven't yet made the effort to get there. The Excelsior - and that Verdel.....just needs the propellor! Look: now LF has gone, go there EVERY week!!!

  4. El Diente,

    Nice lineup, I'm a particular fan of that Miller from '39. Is that sheet metal? 200CCs? Must go about as fast as a tandem bicycle. I'd still ride that thing to the moon and back, though. Very cool style. The 20s and 30s definitely had a sense of style, if not at the expense of function.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life