Tuesday, 2 August 2011

And they say size doesn't matter.....

If you look very closely you can see a pannier – a very small pannier

I’m suffering from a case of penis-envy. In preparation for my upcoming European tour I decided to buy some panniers for the bike. The e-bay vendors’ photos were skilfully taken with no other objects in view; this meant that I had no way of judging their size. Of course dimensions were provided, but I convinced myself they were wrong as the bags would be unfeasibly small. As you can see, they are unfeasibly small. In fact, they’re about the size of a 5 year-olds’ lunch box. Oh well, guess I’ll be packing light, then.


  1. Go for a box!

    Then no one will notice the size.

  2. It's not the size it's how you use them......

    They may be small in comparison to the bike but at least they don't rest on the pipes.

    Pretty nice looking bike you have there. Mind you I am partial to Triumphs.

  3. Maybe they are like the TARDIS... bigger on the inside ;-)

  4. One T-shirt, one pair of shorts, one pair of trollies for formal occasions.....how much space do you actually need?

  5. Nikos - I was trying to keep the Olde Worlde look, that's why I didn't fit a box. I'll just have to travel light.

    Trobairitz - thanks for the comment; mind you, if I put anything heavier than a sandwich in them, they probably would touch the pipes!

    SonjaM - funnily enough, they're like a reverse Tardis, they're even smaller on the inside than they look!

    Affer - it wasn't clothes I was worried about, I need somewhere for the marmite, brown sauce, tins of baked beans and bottles of brown ale as I heard you can't get that stuff once you cross the channel

    Cheers, El D