Thursday, 3 November 2011

Plan B

Triumph update – bike didn’t sell on eBay, so implementation of Plan B has commenced - I’ve booked her in for engine overhaul and upgrade for more power, plus more shiny bits ordered.
I also realise that for a motorbike blog, there’s an awful amount of me moaning about ironing shirts, so I just thought I’d mention – growing up as a teenager in London in the early ‘60’s I adopted the latest fashion style as worn by ‘Mods’, that of the button-down collar shirt. At that time these shirts were only obtainable from Brooks Brothers at enormous expense, or cheaper rip-offs from Ben Sherman. Yes, I was that fashionable teenager in the swinging sixties. Fast forward on 40 years, and this sad old bastard is STILL wearing button-down collar shirts from Brooks Brothers at enormous expense. And you just can’t wear a button-down shirt that’s creased; I don’t know why, that’s just the rules. Of course, having been divorced a couple of times I’m actually a dab hand at ironing, but being of a certain generation I expect to be waited on hand-and-foot by my woman (yes you can blame my Mum for that).
So I promise never to mention the subject again. And I apologise in advance for any offence to the fairer sex.


  1. EL D:

    "creased buttoned-down collared shirts" are IN. no longer must you have to bring out your Iron. either that, or the Steve Jobs kind of collarless T-shirts that don't need ironing (hint)

    you're too young to be so set in your ways

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. I have always felt that being waited on, hand-and-foot, by someone else's woman to be preferable. All the advantages and none of the disadvantages. As to shirts, my favourite source has always been Shepherd's Bush Market, on the basis of wear-once-throw-away. However, in readiness for my daughter's wedding, I was recently persuaded to buy a Simon Carter shirt, the cost of which was roughly the same as my total expenditure on all other shirts over the last decade.........

    Finally, on more interesting topics, I would just say: 'TURBO'.

  3. Bob - I've been set in my ways for over 40 years!

    Affer - high-compression pistons, high-lift cams, carb inlets increased, airbox drilled out. Thats the plan so far...but I like your suggestion even more!

  4. Hope plan B works out for you and you get the bike all tricked our for a pillion rider.

    I don't worry too much about ironing shirts. Troubadour irons his own, I don't think my quality of ironing meets his standards, he is better at it that I. :-)

  5. I'm a similar age you and I used to visit London to buy those viella (sp?) stretchy shirts with paisley patterns or little squares. They never needed ironing due to the stretch but alas, I'd look obscene in them now :-(. However, retirement has brought a rather more relaxed style with Tee shirts and shorts much of the time.