Friday, 30 March 2012

Making the best of the warm weather

 The weather has been unfeasibly warm for days and I still don't have my bike back; I've been even more grumpy than usual, so I decided to take a few days off work, hire a bike and ride around aimlessly to cheer myself up. Hired this Kawasaki Versys, which is a bit small for me but goes well enough.

Yesterday I rode southwest and ended up at Beaulieu national motor museum in the New Forest, it all looked impossibly quaint and picturesque in the sunshine. Spent some time wandering around then rode back. Neck muscles ache like hell, the legacy of four months without riding the bike. Off today on more aimless riding - in fact I intend to keep this up throughout the weekend, neck muscles permitting!

My first scooter was one of these - different paint scheme tho'

My first car - 1961 Mini

Looking down on the museum from the monorail


  1. EL D:

    Maybe you should just scrap your bike project and get something more reliable, like that Versys you hired. The summer season is nearly here

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Oooh I am jealous of your warm weather.

    Great idea renting the bike. How do you like the Versys besides it feeling small to you?

    The mini makes me think of Mr. Bean - is that wrong?

  3. Bobskoot, I'm having the same thoughts, been out looking at bikes for the last couple of weeks, which is why I tried the Versys.

  4. Trobairitz, weather has definitely gone mad, all week it has been in the 20's C instead of the usual (fr this time of year) 10 or 11 c.

    The Versys is a nice bike, I'd always dismissed it as the bike magazines referred to it as a commuter bike, but it's light, handles nicely, has more than enough go from that 650 engine and you sit up nice and high to see over traffic. Build quality maybe a bit cheap in places, but it is a cheap bike.

    I do look a bit like Mr Bean

  5. Mr Bean?

    Try the Honda NC700. Seems a bargain to me and I've never owned a Honda except a lawnmower.