Monday, 28 May 2012


As you know, I'm not one to think things out fully before I act. We've been enjoying a heatwave here in London, enjoying except of course when you're stuck in traffic in the blazing sun on a hot motorcycle wearing full face helmet, jacket, trousers and riding boots. As I looked around me the other day I noticed all the scooter riders were in tee shirts and lightweight trousers, no boots to be seen. So in an effort to reduce my body heat I tried wearing my draggin' jeans for a couple of days - that helped, but not enough. So yesterday while visiting the local bike shop to buy a new padlock I spied a mesh jacket. What a great idea! Armour in case I fall off, but mesh to let the wind blow through. Wore it home from the shop and was delighted with it. Now here's the rub, heatwave we may be having, but it's still England in May; I set off this morning wearing said new jacket and realised within 100 yards that the ride in was going to be chilly. Very chilly. And no doubt by next weekend the temperature will be back to normal and I won't wear the jacket again. Funny old life, isn't it/


  1. I feel your pain. I have a nice comfy mesh jacket but hardly get to wear it because it is too darn chilly in the wee morning hours.

    If the jacket is big enough you can put a sweater under it in the morning, but then you need luggage to store it for the warm ride home.

    Hope you get to continue to wear it.

  2. I had a Frank Thomas mesh shorty-jacket; it came with an unzippable waterproof liner that also acted as a windbreak. I wore it everyday when I did Route 66, going from snow in Wisconsin to heatwave in the Mojave and on various other trips. It finally gave up the ghost last autumn but I loved it for its comfort and practicality. And that it very effectively disguised my abundant waistline.