Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Its that boat again

Glimpsed over the heads of a million other well-wishers crowding the banks of the river Thames on Sunday; it was almost impossible to see anything of the flotilla of boats celebrating the Queens diamond jubilee, but there was a great party atmosphere all along the embankment.

 Apart, that is, for a group of aggressive, shaven-headed louts posing as policemen; what they obviously wanted was a riot, what they got was families enjoying a great day out - obviously frustrated by not having any student protesters to beat to the ground they compensated by screaming, shouting and generally behaving like a bunch of arses, making us walk this way and that way down deserted streets, side roads all barriered-off and manned by private security guards, again all shaven-headed louts.
Commonwealth flags in Parliament square
 Luckily we moved away from the embankment, made our way up past Westminster to Picaddilly and a huge street party; a great time was had by all.
Now THATS a small city car!


  1. Isn't it funny how the police always look to be spoiling for a fight? Same here too. People out having fun and the only aggressive ones are the officers in riot gear.

    I am glad you had a good day out. I don't think we heard much about the celebration over here. Our news is too censored. We are like mushrooms, they like to keep us in the dark and feed us bullsh*t.

  2. AN Wilson in the Evening Standard echoed your views on the heavy-handed security.....in one street at least, because David Mellor was having a party!

  3. Maybe I over-reacted, but when everyone was happy and having a good time, the contrast to the attitude of the police was highlighted even more.