Friday, 5 October 2012

A slight change of plan

After a long day of riding I got to a little town in the mountains and stopped to look for a hotel. As I walked across the town plaza there were a couple sitting under a tree, she playing a harp, he playing pan pipes; lovely calming floaty type of music. I squatted down on a rock in the shade of another tree, head down looking at my dusty boots, listened and was carried thing they're playing the Skye boat song " speed bonny boat like a bird on the wing...over the seas to Skye" and I'm sitting there tears rolling down my cheeks. Yeah, this lonely travelling isn't working out how I thought.

Next day I get a text out of the blue from my on-again, off-again lady friend; she's in Mexico, gone there to watch the summer solstice bring the sacred snake down the pyramid at Chichen Itza (but that's a whole other story), anyway, we send a few texts back and forth like why I'm not working, what the hell am I doing in Spain etc and I tell her about the cancer coming back and she says she's got a friend of a friend who works in a clinic where they cure cancer and I'm doubtful and cynical then I think - what the hell, I'm not exactly living the high life down here in Spain.

It took 3 days to ride back up through Spain and France on boring motorways, could have done it quicker but it was raining and I was tired and emotional. Got back to London yesterday, pile of letters waiting including one from my Doctor saying the blood test I had before I left showed my PSA had doubled in 6 weeks Oh shit! So I got on the internet and booked a flight, fly out Tuesday to meet L.F in Cancun; we've got to get up to Hermosillo in Sonora state somehow probably bus up to Mexico city then on from there. I've borrowed some money, probably sell the bikes when I get back home, return ticket in a months time.

Maybe I'll get some photos in the Sonoran desert of flowering cactus blooms, maybe see a whale in the sea of Cortez, maybe even get better in the clinic. If I get to an internet cafe I'll post up photos of whatever I do. See ya!


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  2. Good luck with your journey. My thoughts are with you.

    I firmly believe that some cancers can be cured and have been by different means. I sincerely hope that yours in one of those cases we read about coming back with a bill of good health.

    Keep us posted when you can.

    1. Thanks Trobairitz, feeling like crap at the moment, so the treatment must be working! Hot as hell here, shame I spend all day lying in bed. Still, I have a day off on Sunday so Im off to the beach, will try to post some photos. Thanks again, El D.

  3. EL D:

    Hope all is going well and that you are making good progress. I've heard that "girl watching" improves the healing process.

    take care
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