Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Spent two weeks in clinic staring at the walls, Sunday they gave me a day off so Lady Friend drove me through the edge of the Sonoran desert to a beach town - Keno bay on the sea of Cortez. It was nice and sunny and warm. Had a great day (and night). Took a couple of photos but unfortunately mastering the instructions in spanish how to upload the photos in the correct orientation defeated me. Still, if you move your head you can see them OK. Doctor in the clinic seems happy with my progress, time will tell. At least I´m smiling!
Your correspondant

Lady friend in hotel

Big Cactus Sonoran Desert


  1. EL D:

    enjoy your time away from the Clinic. I can't imagine how depressing it is to look at walls and not understand the language. You are looking relaxed and I hope things really are progressing to plan

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    1. Bob, thanks for the thoughts. I am pretty relaxed - nothing like escaping from a British autumn to cheer you up. LF has been a great translator and a great companion - get the results of some tests tomorrow so fingers crossed, but whatever happens I{m certainly in a better mood than I was 3 weeks ago. cheers, El D

  2. I am glad things seem to be going well for you. If you have to be in a clinic it is nice you are in a warm climate and can get a break for a drive in the country every once in a while.

    Feel better soon. I am sending get well wishes your way.

  3. Trobairitz - you are a sweetheart, thanks for all your good wishes. Its been great just to get away and think things through without work and family pressures. I{ll be going back home with a more positive attitude, whatever the outcome. Oh and I{ve learnt some new swear-words in Spanish that may come in useful sometime in the future, so thats a bonus!