Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Check-up went well

I had my six-monthly check-up at Christies in Manchester last week; the evening before I spent a very pleasant couple of hours in the pub with Nikos after first drooling over his accessory-loaded GS (I want one!); anyway, the examination went well, should have at least another few riding seasons left in me, so that cheered me up considerably.
On Sunday went for a walk in the park with LF, lots of blossoms out, it was almost like spring.

The spring weather has even infused my ride to work; this morning I challenged my co-worker Jim to a race to work, we were sitting at the traffic lights at Chiswick bridge, me on the trusty trumpet and Jim on his 125 Vespa. I took off like a lunatic, Jim getting smaller in my mirrors, weaved in and out of the traffic around Shepherds bush, up and on to the Westway where I could open her up for a minute, then down into Paddington – 8 miles in double quick time. You guessed it, I parked up, took off my helmet, and here’s Jim arriving all cool on his Vespa not one minute after me. I felt like Dick Dastardly.
Oh, and I’ve hired one of those BMW GS’ for a long weekend tour of northern France, off in a couple of weeks…need to get the ferry booked, route to plan.


  1. El D:

    Why didn't you tell me earlier, I could have asked you to "remove" a certain accessory from Niko's Laden GS when he wasn't looking.

    always nice to get together with other Bloggers. Enjoy your trip on the rented GS.

    as usual you forgot to snap a photo of your LF using your "fresh" out of the box NEX

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. El D

    Great to see you and glad the hospital visit went well - next time we must ride together to a nice tea room and eat cake..

    and Bob me ol' fruit, you can keep your mits off my Wonderful Wunderlich Turn Signal cancelling appendage!

    1. Nikos:

      there are certain appendages worthy of fondling . . . (well that too, if you are lonely)

      No Wunderlich's over here unless they have a North American outlet they are protecting. I don't have your email. I have asked Jon to send it to me.

      Lucky thing I didn't see your unprotected GS just sitting there on the street

      Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Hooray for check-ups that go the way we want them too. Glad you are doing so well.

    Very cool that you got to sit and visit with Nikos for a while. Always good when bloggers meet up.

    The trip to France sounds wonderful. Take lots of pictures.

  4. Beautiful blossoms - looks like spring, must be spring. Enjoy France, sounds amazing.