Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Down by the river......

We spent another pleasant day on Sunday, strolling along beside the river at Marlow; a strange droning noise from the river caused us to turn and see this............

He likes cars, he likes the river....why not combine the two?

Handsome wooden boat ready for the picnic

And it was.... a thumper

You have to love canal boat names

LF blocking the time on this sundial
The Triumph is yet again languishing in a garage - I put her in to a local dyno-tuning place in an effort to get the running better, evidently it needs new jets & a good tune up so I've left her with the garage until it's sorted, hence my reliance on Shank's pony.


  1. Pretty picture of LF.

    That wooden boat is sleek, but I wouldn't trust that first one not to sink.

    Bummer the Triumph needs more work. Hope they get it sorted.

  2. Trobairitz, I'm beginning to realise that you need to be an ace mechanic, or have lots of patience, to run an older bike on a daily basis. I have neither of those attributes!
    The amphibious car was listing to one side, like you, I wouldn't have trusted it.

  3. El D:

    I remember those Amphibian cars from the 60's. I'm not sure I would trust one either. Just don't open the doors.

    If I had to choose between your Triumph or LF, I would have picked LF too

    I find that old technology; bikes or cars are only good for Sunny Sunday rides. For commuting and daily use I have come to the conclusion that new is better. Fuel injection, better brakes and parts availability. Weren't you looking at a Vstrom a while ago ? Bulletproof and ultra reliable . . .

    I've decided not to ask you about your camera choice today (see, I managed to squeeze it in anyway)

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob, at least I've stopped using the iPhone for photos! The Lumix PaS isn't bad. Still reading the NEX manual

  4. What, no rain? Love the wooden boat. Looks very handsome.

    1. Sonja, today it's 12.5 deg and torrential rain - we were just lucky Sunday.

  5. It's a good job that Triumph never made boats.

  6. El D.
    Dan Akroyd runs an amphibious car up and down the lake where I live - occasionally, or so I'm told (it might be a Chevy), never actually spotted him myself. Amphibious Triumph, now there's a 'bubble' of an idea.
    I don't own an historic vehicle because I just don't have that kind of talent, so I hear you!