Tuesday, 28 March 2017

No particular place to go ....

We're having some great spring weather here - 15 degC today with bright sunshine. It would be rude not to go out and burn some petroleum. Essex country lanes explored - the snap below was taken on Bulphan Fen. Happy Days!!

Now you see why I don't take selfies!!


  1. Good for you. I am glad you are getting some sunny weather. Helps us out with our rain doldrums.

  2. Still raining there? Wow, you've had a long winter! Never mind, spring'll be there before you know it and you'll be off on your new bike!

  3. More selfies! Practice, practice, practice ;-)
    We shall have 25°C tomorrow, alas I have to work...

  4. So the weather has gone crazy there, too!
    As for the selfies, either my head is too big or my arms are too short, can't seem to get it right. Maybe I need a selfie stick?