Friday, 9 March 2018


Ten and a half hour flight from Amsterdam, arrived in Aruba Thursday evening 2 weeks ago. The island was pretty much as I remembered it from 25 years ago when I used to visit while working in Venezuela, apart from more high-rise hotels up at the North end of the island. The capital, Oranjestad, is chocolate-box pretty with multi-coloured buildings, the beaches are still wide, white sand and the sea crystal-clear light blue. I found a nice cheap funky apartment 10 minutes walk from Eagle beach and next door to a supermarket.

Eagle beach
I spent the first few days moping around trying to stay miserable, but then I decided to snap out of it, grow up and face reality so no more moaning about health issues. I promise. Met a nice American couple at the pool, so have had someone to talk to most days. Have been eating plenty of salads and fresh fruits, with the odd restaurant meal; there's a few vegetarian cafe's around so always somewhere to eat. Been exploring the island, mostly on foot, although I did rent a Jeep for a day to venture in the national park - bit of a waste of time really as its all just desert.

Volcanic rocky beach with blow holes
That's my brain, that is.

The rest of the time I've really just been relaxing either on the beach or around the apartment pool - really boring with nothing much to report. Still, its got me away from the worst winter Britain has had for many years, so that was worth it. Hopefully something interesting will happen during the next couple of weeks!

Twisted-up tree

Natural pool in the National Park

East coast rocky and wild

Windy all year


  1. The winter has been marvellous in UK, it's just the weather, Brexitfest bla bla and nerve gas that's been shite. Can you go snorkeling or diving there?

  2. N, yeah glad I escaped all that stuff. Diving is excellent, snorkelling OK, There's a reef runs down west side of island plus a couple of wrecks. It's been windy so water is a little rough, but I've been snorkelling 4 or 5 times (brought my own mask with corrective lenses).

  3. You found a beautiful place to spend some time. I am glad you managed to get away from the UK's winter as well. If nothing else that is a bonus.

    1. Trobairitz, there's also a bonus of lots of friendly people, so it's an enjoyable stay.

  4. John, this sounds almost too good to be true. You chose the right time to make a getaway with all the stuff going on in the UK, and this includes of course the weather. Winter still has a grip on the Black Forest. Can't remember how warm weather feels. Wishing you all the best. How about a scooter rental to explore the island?

    1. Thanks Sonja, yes it seems like I picked a perfect time to be away - I made the mistake of turning the tv on to CNN the other night...!
      Scooter rental doesnt seem to be an option here, they have bicycles or HD's or those 4 wheel off-road things, but to be honest its so hot my brain would fry in a crash helmet! I'll wait to get home & get the Tiger out.
      By the way, your recent photos of hiking looked very picturesque with all the snow and ice - but it must be COLD! Hope spring comes soon for you so you can get out and about on the Vespa.