Sunday, 19 July 2009

the search for a replacement bike hits a snag

I've been spending a bit of time lately searching for a replacement bike - not that theres really anything wrong with the bandit, just a few niggles. Despite fiddling with the rear shock settings, I still keep getting thrown off the seat on bumps, although thats a bit of a blessing as the seat has to be the most uncomfortable thing this side of a plank of wood. As I've got plans to take off for a week or two in August with my mate Stevie, I thought I'd see what could be done to improve my biking comfort.

So I tested a Triumph Rocket III which was bloody BIG and chromey, although it went alright for a cruiser and was reasonably comfortable, but really a bit BIG for me. Then I took out the new Triumph Thunderbird, which was much better than the America I had last year - plenty of go and it handled quite well. Still had that strange riding position though, which seems to make my old back ache after a few miles.

I then spotted a BMW 1200GS lurking in the back of the showroom, so I took that out, What a revelation, no more bumps throwing me out of my seat, I was able to stretch out my long legs and my back didn't ache at the end of the ride. I was smitten....until I saw the price!

It's not that I'm tight (well alright actually I probably am) , but that seems an awful lot of money for a toy. I've spent the last few days thinking it over, and maybe a set of lowered footpegs and a gel seat may be the way forward........

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  1. Yes, the 1200GS is a tad £££ but the older, heavier ("more planted") 1150GS seems better value for ££. Having said that I have spent a small fortune lowering pegs and raising seats to suit my near arthritic legs and back - the only problem now is that I can't get my leg over the higher seat!