Monday, 25 January 2010

roll on summer

It stopped raining today, and the temperature has risen to a tropical 3 degC so I bunked-off work and went for a ride. Bit wobbly to begin with, but a quick stop to put air in the tyres soon cured that. Dropped my helmet on a garage forecourt while filling up with petrol and gouged the visor, but by some process of time travel to a parallel universe or something I had anticipated just such an event and purchased a new visor and pinlock insert over the internet just a few days ago. I'd also forgotten how the engine sounded like a tin with a load of old nuts and bolts rattling around, so must get my mate Derek to look at it, but those minor things apart I had a great day! I just love being on the bike even when its freezing and the roads are covered in crap - roll on summer!

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