Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sexy bits

I believe all blokes collect shiny stuff that ends up stuffed at the back of the wardrobe, go on count up how many cameras/digital music players you have. I was looking for a new camera to take on expeditions this year, as I trawled around e-bay I slowly realised...there's the film SLR that I bought a few years ago hardly used, the compact digital with extending lens that I only used once, the digital SLR that I bought cheap on e-bay (still in the box) and the compact digital I carry in my pocket when out riding. Then there's the semi-pro film video camera I bought on e-bay to make a film (still editing), the compact film video camera I used on that trip to Australia and the digital video camera I bought recently that I was thinking of changing for a HD version. And don't even mention ipods/music players/mini discs! Or that B&O CD player that was a steal on e-bay which is still in the box. So thats all a bloke thing and thats fine; but then as I was deep into the internet looking at bits for the bike that I don't really need, I wondered if lady bikers do this as well? And if they do, is the selection based on things they actually need, or the fact that the thing is super-light or super-shiny or just plain sexy as only stainless steel bolts and carbon fibre things are...hang on, I think I've answered my own question there. Sexy & stainless steel are probably only used in the same sentence by a bloke.


  1. It goes like this...

    Is it shiny?

    Do I need it?

    OK, I don't need it but is it shiny?

    Or waterproof?

    Or as seen on TV in the hands of Claudio Von Planta?

    Not forgetting the vital sub-section of camping questions...

    Is it superlight but made from something that won't get confiscated at Inverness airport?

    Does it fit inside my Light My Fire eating set?

    Will it make me a super-fly cup of coffee halfway down the road to Ardnamurchan?

  2. PS If you have an iPod that you want to rehome I'm looking for a pre-2008 one that hasn't got a volume cap on it..