Saturday, 9 January 2010

The saga continues....

Despite the bravado expressed in my previous post, financial considerations dictated that I really should get back to work soon. So after trying to get a flight again on Thursday with no luck, I decided to drive up to Aberdeen. I spent the day Friday thinking about it, then finally got round to getting in the car today. I set off around lunchtime after a hearty breakfast followed by a mid-morning snack, sure that I could get lunch on the motorway - I'm back off the booze now and seem to have found my appetite. The car seemed to be driving a bit strange, but I put that down to lack of use. A quick stop to check the tyre pressures revealed a bloody huge carbuncle on the wall of one tyre, which I decided was not good, so I decided to head into the nearest town of Oxford to find a tyre dealer.

Four hours and several 'kwick-fits' later, and without any lunch, I was back on the road. Evidently my car has an uncommon tyre size, which I find amazing as there's bloody millions of them driving around, but there you go. I set off again, by now it's getting dark, the roads full of salt and grit and my washers have frozen - why did I think this was a great idea? So I decided to stop and find a hot meal to keep me going; the management of the service station on the M6 toll had however decided that no-one would want a hot meal at the unearthly late hour of 6pm, and had closed the food counter. As I sat eating my partly-frozen sandwich I thought bugger this, the travel gods are against me, which is why I'm sitting in a motel room reading bike mags with 450 miles still to go.

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