Monday, 26 July 2010

Front-wheel drive bike spotted near pink castle

Spotted some different stuff while out riding yesterday.

Not sure how this handles round bends
Freshly-painted pink castle

Not sure when the invasion started


  1. That's a fascinating bike! It looks like just the front wheel of that bogey steers, and the back one (ie the middle wheel) drives. So it should handle just like a bike with a it doesn't though! Do you know who made it?

    1. It was made by Billy Slinger of Settle in 1902 and it rides very well the engine is hugh (5hp De Dion) for a bike of that date and it'll 30 to 40 mph, single speed and no clutch! It'll be at the Pioneer Run on Sunday 13th March 2014

  2. Its called the "Slinger" and was built by a postman,Mr Slinger, in 1901. Evidently he bought a new-fangled 5hp De Dion water cooled motor and redesigned his bicycle to cope - the twin front wheels were to carry the extra weight. Its now in a private collection, but was displayed at the Grampian transport museum last weekend, which is where I saw it.