Saturday, 24 July 2010

Touring envy

I had a great ride into work this morning - at 6.30 am on a Saturday there were no cars bumbling along the country lanes at 40 mph...heaven. To add to the enjoyment it was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining, mist on the fields, just one of those days when it was all perfect. It only took 20 mins to do the 25 mile ride from Banchory into the city so it was a contented El D that arrived at the office to find no-one else was working today! Excellent; I spent the early morning catching up on all the other bike-related blogs, especially enjoying the photos from foreign parts. I really am envious of all the bikers who seem to think nothing of setting off on days or weeks of touring - a two hours ride and I'm knackered. Maybe one the meantime I've got a valve schedule to finish today (yawn) before I get to ride the long way home.


  1. Is there anything as good as an early summer morning ride through the countryside? Well, yes!

    I did Route 66 on a Magna -3333 miles. I needed a long holiday afterwards!

  2. Affer, that sounds exciting...whats a Magna?

  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures El Diente, and for your humor in that last post.

    The last blog post wouldn't let me comment, but I have to thank you for the 'mind movie' that I cannot get out of my head.


  4. Magna: Honda VF750C. A bit boring, but reasonably quick and horribly reliable!