Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A walk up the hill...what, with those legs?

For some reason that now escapes me, I agreed to walk up Ben Nevis; not for charity, just for a walk. It wasn't too bad going up, took about 31/2 hours. It was a bit foggy and cold up top, then while we were tucking into our sandwiches the cloud cleared and we got some amazing views.

Coming back down knackered my old knees even more; the guys in the office tell me I look quite comical trying to lift my leg over the bike. Good day out though.


  1. I am intimidated by the snow.....have you now converted from biker to hiker?

  2. Not really, lets just say I was pressured into doing something other than 'aimlessly' using tanks of fuel on the bike at weekends...but my friend has now returned to London so it's back to that more fun occupation.