Friday, 27 April 2012

I like Fridays....

Firstly and mainly because I get paid! Secondly because I don't have to go to work for the next two days, and thirdly 'cos I get off work at 3pm so get a chance to stroll home along the riverbank at Richmond in the daylight. Today there was a bit of excitement down there; a Royal barge moored alongside the floating restaurant. I went up on the bridge to take a photo - it's not very clear as I only had my iphone. Not sure why the barge was there, although the posh bird standing next to me reckoned Charles and Camilla had popped into the White Cross pub for a pint on the way to Windsor for the weekend.

Carried on home and spotted two ducks having a bath in a sunken boat. How strange.


  1. Hooray for Fridays. One of the best days of the week.

    Cool pics. I don't think I've seen a royal barge before.

  2. That's Gloriana...the barge, not the row-boat! HM the Q officially named her on Wednesday, somwhere up towards Greenwich. She's going to lead the Jubilee Pageant.

    I think the row-boat picture would have been even stranger if Chas and Camilla* had been having a bath in it....

    *That's Camilla as in "Mrs Prince of wales" - NOT Jessop!

  3. Affer, you are, as always, correct. She's a brand new 94ft barge.