Thursday, 19 April 2012

The weather gods can be so cruel

We've had the warmest, dryest winter since records began (allegedly); we've had so little rain in the south of England that last week the Water supply companies implemented a hosepipe ban to protect our dwindling water reserves. Then on Monday, just as the delivery driver was unloading the Triumph, it started raining. The past four days have seen non-stop torrential rain, gale force winds, hailstones, even a light sprinkling of snow in central London (again, allegedly).

Thats my exscuse for not having ridden the Triumph yet. She's sitting downstairs outside my flat under a cover. Here's a picture I took through the window using my Sony NEX-5N @ 55 somethings on the lens. Crap isn't it?

 Now here's a picture I took using my new "Kiwi" adapter on the Sony, and an old Canon zoom lens I had, set at 300 somethings on the lens. Still crap, but much bigger.

I saw Bobskoot do this on a recent blog and his photos were fantastic. Guess it goes to prove that even using the same equipment,  a bad photographer takes bad photos, a good photographer takes good photos.

Still, I've got some bar raisers to fit on Saturday, and some mirror extenders ('cos Sandy lost mine during the rebuild) and a shiny new petrol cap and a new screen; the weather forecast says light winds and only 55% chance of rain so hopefully I'll get some riding in. Maybe even a better photo (don't hold your breath)!


  1. El D:

    try leaving your 5n set with the "DSO" ON. You don't mention your settings but shoot in "A:aperature" priority mode with it set at somewhere around F5.6. Lenses are sharpest at between 5.6 and 8.0. Iso around 100 or 200, do not use autoISO, unless you are in video mode. The last photo is slightly low contrast, you can make a minor contrast adjustment, or else shoot "RAW" and use Sony's RAW converter to tweek a few settings like "Levels"

    If you really get frustrated, make it easier on yourself, package your camera and "send it to me". I mean, what are friends for ? Glad to help

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

    PS: if you want to send me that last photo, I could do some adj and send it back

  2. Mother nature is a cruel b*tch sometimes. All that dry weather then rain when the Trumpet comes back. That sucks.

    After are the rain we've had we're expecting our third sunny weekend in a row. Not really sure why it has decided to rain like crazy all week and be dry on the weekends, but I'll take it.

    Hope you get the bike out this weekend.

  3. Those trees look rather rude.......

  4. Bobskoot - thanks for the advice - I'll keep on practising

    Trobairitz - thanks for the comments

    Affer - calm down man!