Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sometimes you're just too close...

...to see the obvious mistakes. I quickly fitted the bar risers to the Triumph, remembering to cover the tank so I didn't scratch the new paintwork. Then I fitted an extension spindle to the offside mirror, as all I can usually see out of it is my shoulder. Then it was off for a ride in the sun. I went off down into the pleasant Surrey lanes at a nice slow speed so the engine gets run in properly; stopped at a little village for some lunchtime refreshment where I took these couple of photos.

 Then it was off home, with a detour to my son's house to show off the bike in all it's shiny glory. 'WTF' was his first comment, followed by roars of laughter. I have to admit that, standing back and looking at the bike with detachment, the single high mirror does look a bit goofy. That spindle's coming off straight away!



  1. EL D:

    you forgot to turn your camera vertical for that 2nd photo.

    I would have just left the mirror mismatched the way it is. Better to look like a GOOF and see, than to look cool at your shoulders

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  2. Bobskoot - somehow this website won't let me rotate the photos...or maybe it does and I'm just dopey enough not to be able to do it. I do have a second matching extension for the other mirror so could raise them both, not sure yet which way to go - I am at an age when it doesn't really matter what people think of me!

  3. Beautiful pictures on the village. 'old world' charm.

    The bike does look a little wonky or lopsided with the mirrors that way. I can see how your son would chuckle.

    I'd raise the other up to see how it goes before lowering the one. Better to have 'antennae' and see like Bobskoot says.