Wednesday, 18 March 2009

White lies are not a good idea

It's been a bit quiet on the biking front recently, mostly due to Mrs El D being here with me. Of course it's my own fault; I was whinging about the life of a working man away from home - huge piles of un-ironed shirts, the lack of good home-cooked food, no time to make the know, the usual stuff. Anyway, she took pity on me and volunteered to visit my Scottish hovel and knock it back into shape.

I had a long and boring drive back to London, although it did help run-in my new car; collected Mrs El D and a huge pile of suitcases and drove back.So now I have lots of clean, crisply ironed shirts,etc etc. Unfortunately, I had omited to mention that I had bought a new bike and a new car - thought it would be a nice suprise. That thought was swiftly shown to be false with her reaction to the new car (!!) so I decided perhaps I shouldn't mention the bike until she was in a better mood.

Two weeks later and I'm still waiting!

However, yesterday I decided I couldn't manage without a bike ride any I left work at lunchtime complaining of a headache, got the bike out of Derek's garage and spent the afternoon aimlessly terrorising quaint villages. I even washed the bike when I got back, so that was a bonus.

I did have a little flutter when Mrs El D asked what the funny-shaped dent in my head was (that new helmet hasn't quite bedded in yet!)but I made some excuse about my new baseball cap being too tight.

I'm starting to think this lying to the wife is not worth the stress - well actually I KNOW it's not. Quite soon I shall tell this space.