Sunday, 28 January 2018

A quite unusual car and bike show in Malaga

I'd seen that there was to be a car and bike show in Malaga, so yesterday morning I drove over from Marbella to take a look. The exhibition centre is a huge new building on the outskirts of town, as I arrived the car park was full of 'modern' classics with plenty of people strolling around taking a look. Once inside I was amazed at how few people there were inside - if this had been at home it would have been mobbed.

Just at the entrance were a number of excellent restored classic cars on show with lots of space around them for viewing. Further back were some single-make club stands, SEAT being the largest, but with a big Porsche showing.

  Further back again were a number of cars, motorbikes and scooters for sale, and quite an eclectic selection as you can see - everything from 2CV through E-types; VW campervans to porsches.
 The local scooter clubs were well represented, especially Vespa; they had some great-looking restored bikes on show.

 This Lambretta looked like it would make a nice daily runabout, especially at the price.
You want tail lights? We got tail lights!
 Then as I walked around further, there were trade stands, autojumble stalls selling everything you could need to rebuild that 1927 Sturmy-Bongo single scylinder motorbike; bits-and-bobs and all manner of auto-related items.
 A great collection of unusual motorbikes of all makes and models.

Then we get to the unusual part - in a second, adjacent hall were more club stands with more modern cars and bikes on display, many for sale. The sale technique seemed to be - start the engine, rev the nuts off the bike or car filling the hall with noise and fumes, then attempt a short burn-out on the polished concrete floor, all this with spectators and other vehicle owners doing the same thing. Chaos!! 

After a while it all got a bit much for me so I left, drove down into the old town centre and had a delicious vegan meal in one of the established veggie restaurants - their vegan chocolate cake dessert is actually the best I have ever tasted!! An excellent day out. Oh, and by the way, I took many, many photos, but this ridiculous new Dell laptop I bought, running Windows 10 is so incompetent that I can't upload them to the blog page. Or maybe it's me!