Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Its not all waffles and chocolates in Belgium.....



Old and New

Yeah, not sure, but everyone else was taking photos...

This is where I'm spending 11 hours six days a week!

Guess who

Friday, 6 April 2018

This wasn't really part of the plan

Got home last week and started unpacking, got a call from an old friend, just catching up. The usual stuff, then he asked "why aren't you working, you're fit enough". My honest answer was that no-one had asked me.
So now I'm sitting beside him in a site cabin, looking out across Antwerp docks at the old refinery being revamped. I've been walking around with boots and hard hat on, still wondering what I'm doing here! Still, the job's only for a few weeks, and (hopefully) will help pay for my last couple of foreign trips.
Hopefully I'll be able to explore old Antwerp this weekend, it looks quite picturesque. Oh and I've found two vegan restaurants near my cheap-and-cheerful hotel, so am eating well. The only slight disappointment was not being able to bring my old Jeep over for transport while I'm here - Antwerp has a Low Emmision zone that encompasses most of the city and the Jeep is deemed a major pollutant and not allowed in. Shame.