Thursday, 17 November 2016

Kop hill climb

I was back in the UK for a couple of weeks in September; my son invited me to go with him to the kop hill climb. A charity event run once a year in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, the organisers basically close a couple of roads, one of which is a nice narrow bendy hill, and invite everyone to blast up it. A lovely collection of vehicles attend, veteran, vintage, classic and modern bikes and cars. Everyone goes up the hill, the bikes looked and sounded great as did most of the cars. Everyone got a cheer anyway. 

Some came in period dress

I was there in the sixties and don't remember anyone riding around like this!

 There's plenty of refreshment stalls, and a little fun fair for the kids where I took my grandson for a ride on the dodgems. Unfortunately I paid no attention to health & safety, we got bumped & he headbutted the steering wheel, a great big egg-shaped lump came up on his head like in a cartoon - I got a bollocking from his Mum when we got home! Anyway, a great day out - if you're in the area its well worth a visit.

Grandad & grandson on the dodgems

Slow but fun

Friday, 11 November 2016

Those pesky disappearing photos....

I'm pretty sure it's down to my new chromebook - I'm afraid senior citizens & new technology don't always mix. Here then (hopefully) are those pesky disappearing photos, plus a few from my extensive travels this year; my dear, I've hardly stopped! Trying to spend the kids inheritance before I die!!
Out on Mark's XC

Blue sky day Spain

On the road down to Zahara

Just another pueblo blanco

Out for a drive in my mate Dave's Aston

Me & Elvis

Three humpback whales close to the boat - Maui

Roughing it on Big Island

Live volcano - big island

Sleepy seal on the beach
Caving in worlds longest lava tube - Tenerife
Lovely colonial architecture - Santa Cruz de Palma
Finally relaxing
Hiking on La Palma

Don't know where Bert is!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Finally back on 2 wheels

I've been relaxing in the sun of southern Spain, the warm weather really seems to help ease the aches and pains of old age. So much so that I decided to see if the bad hip could resist the discomfort of riding a bike.
Atlantic coast of Andalucia

Another blue sky day
It did, so much so that I'm all excited about biking again - helped obviously by the fantastic roads here in southern Andalucia. Thanks to Mark for loaning me his new Tiger for a couple of days. Its much better than my older model - the WP suspension really does work well. Can't wait to get one of my own!

Up in the Sierra de Grazalema

Another pretty white village