Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Its not you, its me.

Triumph dealer lent me this Street Scrambler while the Tiger was having its 12K service. To be honest, I quite liked the look of it and had considered it as a possible lighter replacement for the Tiger as I'm finding it more and more difficult to wheel around. The strange thing was, though, that from across the showroom, the bike looked normal size, then , the closer I got, the smaller it seemed to be.

On its own, bike looks normal size
So here's a quick review - nice engine sounded good through those pipes, gearbox smooth, brakes good, seat hard as a plank, rear suspension travel extremely limited. I was going to add that it was also extremely small, I looked like a bear riding a monkey bike, but my pal Barry put it into perspective.

Seat just about level with my knees
He said "John there's nothing wrong with the bike, its you that's ridiculously tall"

When I collected the Tiger two days later it initially felt a bit heavy and seemed a bit tall, but after a couple of minutes riding it became comfy like a pair of old slippers. Can't wait to get back on it regularly - soon as I'm fully healed 'down there'.