Monday, 14 February 2011

Employed! Commuter! Wanker!...who said that?

Finally re-joined the ranks of the employed and started a new job today...I'm not sure who was getting more nervous about the lack of income, me, my bank manager or my ex-wife's lawyer. Anyway, I was full of anticipation at rejoining the rat race; had a shave, wore a suit and collar and tie for the first time in four months; walked to the local Underground station and caught the train with all the other zombies.

By lunch time I was bored; on the homeward journey even more so, squashed in with all the other smelly, grumpy commuters. Plans are already being hatched to use the first week's pay to buy an old motorbike to commute to work on; I anticipate hours of nail-biting fun on e-bay. The budget will be fairly small so I'm not sure what I'll get - it did cross my mind that as I've got a couple of sets of riding gear, if I sold my Dainese jacket and Schuberth helmet that would probably double the budget....we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

London Motorcycle show

I visited the London motorcycle show today at the ExCel centre out in docklands, east London, where, by the way, the Olympics will be held next year - all I can say is they'd better get a move on, the place still looks like a bomb site.

Anyway, I went to pick out my next bike, which being broke actually made it easier as I don't have to worry which one I can afford as I can't afford any of them - my choice being made solely on which one felt the best to sit on. Here's some photos.

This BMW R1200R caught my eye

As did the new Kawasaki W800 - Bonneville copy

This didn't look so cool

The new Ducatti Diavel - looks a bit unfinished to me, especially for 15k!

Not sure about this new Honda, how do they stop the oil leaking out?

I like the classics

The owner of this Triumph Rocket III trike Hearse was actually taking bookings at the show!

Don't know how these ladies got in the shot h..hand was sss..shaking

Nice old MV