Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Spent two weeks in clinic staring at the walls, Sunday they gave me a day off so Lady Friend drove me through the edge of the Sonoran desert to a beach town - Keno bay on the sea of Cortez. It was nice and sunny and warm. Had a great day (and night). Took a couple of photos but unfortunately mastering the instructions in spanish how to upload the photos in the correct orientation defeated me. Still, if you move your head you can see them OK. Doctor in the clinic seems happy with my progress, time will tell. At least I´m smiling!
Your correspondant

Lady friend in hotel

Big Cactus Sonoran Desert

Friday, 5 October 2012

A slight change of plan

After a long day of riding I got to a little town in the mountains and stopped to look for a hotel. As I walked across the town plaza there were a couple sitting under a tree, she playing a harp, he playing pan pipes; lovely calming floaty type of music. I squatted down on a rock in the shade of another tree, head down looking at my dusty boots, listened and was carried away....next thing they're playing the Skye boat song " speed bonny boat like a bird on the wing...over the seas to Skye" and I'm sitting there tears rolling down my cheeks. Yeah, this lonely travelling isn't working out how I thought.

Next day I get a text out of the blue from my on-again, off-again lady friend; she's in Mexico, gone there to watch the summer solstice bring the sacred snake down the pyramid at Chichen Itza (but that's a whole other story), anyway, we send a few texts back and forth like why I'm not working, what the hell am I doing in Spain etc and I tell her about the cancer coming back and she says she's got a friend of a friend who works in a clinic where they cure cancer and I'm doubtful and cynical then I think - what the hell, I'm not exactly living the high life down here in Spain.

It took 3 days to ride back up through Spain and France on boring motorways, could have done it quicker but it was raining and I was tired and emotional. Got back to London yesterday, pile of letters waiting including one from my Doctor saying the blood test I had before I left showed my PSA had doubled in 6 weeks Oh shit! So I got on the internet and booked a flight, fly out Tuesday to meet L.F in Cancun; we've got to get up to Hermosillo in Sonora state somehow probably bus up to Mexico city then on from there. I've borrowed some money, probably sell the bikes when I get back home, return ticket in a months time.

Maybe I'll get some photos in the Sonoran desert of flowering cactus blooms, maybe see a whale in the sea of Cortez, maybe even get better in the clinic. If I get to an internet cafe I'll post up photos of whatever I do. See ya!