Monday, 14 June 2010

Bugger, that was embarrasing.....

.......and painful too. I pulled up outside my flat, kicked the sidestand down, swung my leg over and off the bike and watched in amazement as my new bike toppled ever-so-slowly off the stand and on to my foot. I couldn't get my foot out as it was trapped between the bike and the kerb, and I couldn't lift it up as I was (a) twisted at a funny angle and (b) lacked the strength to pick it up. As I gazed around I was hoping that none of the neighbours had seen me, but also hoped someone would walk by and help me with the bike.

Luckily my new/old ladyfriend is visiting at the moment, and after an agonislingly long time (funny how time slows down when you're in an embarrasing situation) she glanced out of the window and saw me. Another few minutes passed while we exchanged gestures (!) until she came out and helped me pick it up. So now I'm in the situation where she thinks I'm incapable of riding my bike, my foot hurts so I am incapable of riding my bike plus I daren't talk to any of my neighbours in case they saw what happened and take the piss out of me. Ah, the life of an elderly biker!