Sunday, 6 March 2016

Hello again

Hi folks, just a quick update in case anyone is still there. Had a bad year last year, then got better at Dr Wolf's clinic in Hanover, Germany. Three months treatment and all seems to be well. Decided a complete change of lifestyle was in order to celebrate, so sold my flat, car, motorcycle, even my beloved B&O hifi, gave away everything else to charity.

After I paid the medical bills I had some money left, so am travelling with two suitcases and my LF. We've been in Hawaii now for 4 weeks on  a 3 months USA visa; laid on Waikiki beach, swam with green turtles and seen humpback whales close-up on Maui, now on the big island staring into the volcano (not at this minute, obviously) and bathing in hot pools. I'd like to post some photos but only have an iPad so not sure how to do that using Google blogger?

Hoping to get to the mainland sometime before the 3 months is up and ride a motorcycle - I did try to rent one here, but they don't use crash helmets (or any protective gear here); I asked the guy in the rental shop if he had a helmet I could rent, his answer was "no man, Harley guys like to feel the wind in their hair" . Duh!

Anyway, will try to post again soon, even if it's just to show you my awful taste in Hawaiin shirts! Aloha.